Snoop Dogg is an NFT Whale

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Snoop Dogg is an NFT whale on Ethereum with a very expensive collection. It has indeed been revealed that the rapper is actually Cozomo de’Medici, who has been primarily known on Twitter and in the cryptocurrency industry for several years, having successfully collected $ 17 million in NFT’s.

Snoop Dogg is an NFT Whale on Ethereum?

There have already been a number of announcements regarding NFT in the past several months, including the announcement of two new collectibles released by Snoop Dogg and his collaboration with the creator of the popular meme “Nyan Cat”. In the past, he has also been invited to Blockchain Week in 2018, where he performed a concert in a private setting for Ripple (XRP).

Despite this, the rapper’s latest move is truly unexpected. According to him, there is a real person behind the Twitter personality who spent millions of dollars to acquire a collection of NFTs on Ethereum that is in a very valuable condition.

Indeed, Snoop Dogg revealed to his 19 million followers on Monday that he was actually Cosomo de Medici, a collector of NFTs who joined Twitter earlier this year. Cosomo has been tweeting about his NFT adventure on a regular basis in recent weeks, commenting about the enormous quantities of money he has spent on popular NFT collections while also demonstrating a very strong grasp of the company.

Snoop Dogg is not the only celebrity that owns NFT. NFT is also popular among NBA player Stephen Curry, social media sensation Jake Paul, and comedian and TV presenter Steve Harvey. He is also not the first celebrity to launch a cryptocurrency-focused Twitter account. Rapper and YouTube celebrity KSI has also set up an NFT account.

Snoop Dogg NFT’s well-stocked art gallery

Snoop Dogg owns 99 CryptoPunks, including the most precious NFT on his profile photo, which is worth $4.6 million at current market values. The wallet also includes 10 Meebits NFTs, which are 3D avatars designed by cryptopunk writers Larva Labs, as well as a variety of NFTs from the Art Blocks art collection.

Keep in mind that the NFT serves as a document for a digital item, which can be a still image, a video file, a video game accessory, or anything else. NFTs from photographer Justin Aversano’s Twin Flames series, as well as many Moonshot Bots, are among the significant assets in Cozomo de’ Medici’s portfolio.

Snoop Dogg also has numerous Tom Sacks Rocket Factory NFTs, the same collection that Budweiser acquired. And, similar to Budweiser, who had his wallet flooded with all sorts of strange NFTs once the address was made public, Cozomo’s wallet has been treated to a continuous stream of bizarre collectibles since yesterday.

How did Snoop Dogg become an NFT Whale?

Snoop Dogg really started a thread on Twitter for the most curious of you:

“Could I have imagined that my very first purchase of a ‘useless’ JPEG would cost $2 million? Absolutely not. It was supposed to be $4 million. Friends, today I will tell you the uncensored story of how I got into the wild world of NFT. From 0 to 8 figures in 30 days. Have a drink, sit back and hold on tight.”

In addition to tweeting his alias yesterday, Snoop Dogg also retweeted a famous NFT investor and DCinvestor project advisor. That would almost make us forget that Snoop Dogg took the Dogecoin cryptocurrency to a high (+800%) earlier this year.

In any case, Cosomo’s account tweeted yesterday that he would no longer discuss the real person hiding behind an alias:

“Since my notoriety is considerable, the tweet will undoubtedly be discovered. Those who are curious to know who I am will soon find out (…) Those who don’t care, or who simply prefer not to know the source of my enormous fame and fortune, may simply not look. I will focus on the NFT and not mention it here again.”

Even if it’s all a ploy, somehow this brings attention to Snoop Dogg, Cosomo Medici, and NFT as a whole. The OpenSea app is also being launched on both Android and iOS platforms in an attempt to encourage this mass adoption.

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