Marvel launches NFT Spider-Man

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Marvel launches NFT Spider-Man?

Marvel Entertainment is weaving its web throughout the NFT universe.

VeVe Marketplace and Marvel announced on August 4 that NFT Spider-Man had been completed on August 7. There are five NFT Spider-Man digital collectibles in the collection.

This move puts the company at an advantage over its main competitor, DC Comics, which would be wise to leverage its “Justice League” campaign to make sure it does not miss its chances.

NFT Spider-Man Facts

A single one can cost as much as $400. Prices of NFTs are inversely proportional to the number of issues. A total of 32,000 copies of The Amazing Spider-Man will be on sale.

Since it is a less common figure and therefore less expensive ($40), it is a lower-priced alternative to the ultimate animated version of Spider-Man, which is limited to 1,000 copies and costs $400.

“Hanging’Out” will be offered in a maximum quantity of 16,000 pieces, with a price of $50 for each piece.

It is predicted that ‘Jump Into Action’ will have about 9,000 units and be sold for 100 dollars.

Animated Spider-Man NFTs will have 2,500 units available with a selling price of $250 each.

Why Marvel launches NFT Spider-Man

Explaining why Marvel launches NFT Spider-Man, the president of Marvel Entertainment said:

Spider-Man is one of the most iconic superheroes in the Marvel universe. So there was no better way to begin our global digital collectibles experience with VeVe.

Marvel launches NFT Spider-Man in August 2021

It is rumored that NFT Spider-Man will be joined by other NFTs in August 2021, during VeVe’s “Marvel Month”. Marvel’s first superhero, the Human Torch, and the Sea Prince Namor appeared in the August 1939 issue of Marvel Comics #1, one of VeVe’s five options for the cover.

U.S. sales of the November 2019 issue sold for $1.26 million. At the Heritage Auction, the bids went up from a few cents 80 years earlier.

Additionally, VeVe will release a series of blind boxes of the NFT Captain America digital “Marvel Mighty Heroes” figures featuring Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes, John F. Walker, and Red Skull. It costs $13 per NFT, which is a pretty reasonable price.

It should be clarified that 20th Century Fox made digital NFT posters featuring Marvel characters for the movie “Deadpool 2”, but these collectibles were not made by Marvel Entertainment.

What is the Reaction of DC Comics, Marvel’s Rival?

Additionally, DC Comics, Marvel’s rival, also plans to release NFTs featuring their iconic characters. DC Comics’ senior vice president of legal affairs wrote a letter to Freelancers on March 11 stating that the company will “explore options” to enter the NFT market. In the company’s opinion, freelance artists should not be allowed to auction off NFTs which exploit DC Comics’ intellectual property.

The crypto sphere started expanding its influence over the superhero universe right after Marvel launches NFT Spider-Man. However, this is not his first venture into this universe. In one of its productions, Marvel Studios has featured Bitcoin prominently.

Spiderman weaves his Web on Ethereum

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