Ledger Hardware Wallet Mrf. and Lido

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Ledger Hardware Wallet Manufacturer partnered with Lido

The company that manufactures the well-known Ledger hardware wallets may be able to make this dream come true.

A partnership that seemed unlikely has now become a reality. Over 9 months since Ethereum 2.0’s consensus layer, the Ethereum 2.0 Network, was launched. In a short time frame, many services have started to offer betting services to their users. It has just been announced that Ledger, which manufactures the well-known Ledger hardware wallets, has partnered with one such service.

Introducing Ledger and Ledo, the duo you never saw coming

In the case of Ethereum 2.0, we just saw a consensus level of the network developed on December 1, 2020, with the launch of the beacon chain.

It became possible from that point on for people to participate in consensus by becoming network validators. Due to the fact that the network uses a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) mechanism, novice validators are required to bid 32 ETH in order to participate in the transaction validation process.

It is unfortunate that until now, owners of Ledger hardware wallets have not been able to use Ethereum without withdrawing it from the wallet and putting it at risk, which is not acceptable. As Ledger explained on his official blog last week, there was just a change in the situation on August 13.

Ledger Live and Lido announce partnership

Beginning on the date indicated above, users of Ledger will be able to participate in Ethereum 2.0 PoS transactions through a service provided by Lido.

You can now manage Ledger hardware wallets using the Lido service in the Ledger Live software. You will need to enable the Lido app in the Ledger Live directory under the “open” tab.

Unlike some other stacking services, Lido requires only a small amount of ETH deposited in order to utilize the service. Now, staking is available to everyone, regardless of whether or not they have the theoretically required 32 ETH, which amounts to about $100,000 at the current exchange rates.

As a practical matter, for every ETH you deposit, Lido will give you the same amount of ETH, which represents your deposit, and that may be traded on many exchanges.

By betting ETH in Lido, you no longer need to own 32 ETH to become a network validator. Lido allows users to participate in the network with any number of ETH, without having to maintain complex infrastructure, keeping your ETH liquid. For every ether you put on the line through Lido, you will receive ETH in exchange.

Rewards you should Expect

When you speak of transaction confirmations, you are also speaking of rewards. The current maximum return on Ethereum 2.0 is 18.1% per year. The average return is only 6%. However, Lido chooses to charge a commission of 10% based on the rewards it provides to users.

The London hard fork has been successfully deployed on Ethereum 1.0, the current version of the blockchain. The EIP 1559 implementation proposes a change to the commission mechanism, namely to destroy ETH for every transaction in order to change the system… It has even become deflationary on some blocks.

Who is Ledger and what is Ledger Live?

Ledger is a company that specializes in hardware wallets. Ledger Live is the platform that provides software and support for the Ledger Nano S and Ledger Blue.

Ledger Live is the official application for managing cryptocurrencies with your Ledger device. You can use it to send, receive and store your cryptocurrency portfolio. The app also has a built-in fee calculator so you know how much you’ll pay when sending or receiving funds on the blockchain.

Ledger’s goal is to help users maintain financial privacy through its secure crypto storage solutions which are designed with state-of-the-art security features from trusted suppliers, including chip makers, memory manufacturers, and OS providers.

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