URBT Mining Operation

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The URBT Mining Operation is a Big Surprise

The URBT mining operation is another excellent example of why Bitcoin is important as a currency and won’t disappear.

After China had made the mistake of shuttering all Bitcoin mining operations on its land, many mining farm projects started popping up throughout the world, including the United States and Canada.

The opportunity is being seized by existing operators and the new arrivals, such as Urban Television Network Corporation (URBT), that were expected not to pursue this business.

When will the URBT Mining Operation start?

The future of the Bitcoin mining industry in North America has become increasingly clear after the Chinese government decided to target mining companies that use Bitcoin (BTC).

As proof of this fact, on August 9, publically traded U.S. broadcaster Urban Television Network released a press release announcing that it would soon switch its core operations to a completely new role: cryptocurrency mining!

The company has already chosen to mine Bitcoin and Ethereum (ETH) in the future, the head of the company said:

We are a growing company, and in line with our commitment to excellence, we decided to get into cryptocurrency mining, starting with Bitcoin and Ethereum. Today the digital currency market is one of the largest financial markets in the world (…). We saw a great opportunity to invest our resources in digital currency mining because we fully understand the potential it represents (…)

URBT Mining Operations will begin this Year

The construction of the URBT mining operation is already well underway, and mining operations are scheduled to begin as early as November 1 of the current year.

The Urban Television Network states in a press release that was published on the Nasdaq exchange on August 16 that their new operation will be led by Kimberly Douglas, who is famous for her commitment to financial inclusion through cryptocurrencies and has long been fighting for it.

The news that URBT has launched its BTC and ETH mining farms has generated much interest among stock market investors. URBT’s share price rose significantly after the TV group announced the implementation of its mining farms.

Joseph Collins, the CEO of URBT, appears to be happy with the reaction of the investors:

Our investors may be excited about the direction our company is taking by entering the cryptocurrency mining business. (…) We see that the financial revolution is already underway, transforming all sectors of the economy (…) I am convinced that our stock performance now is proof that we are making the right decisions (…) In addition, we are very proud to have a team of professionals capable of leading our cryptocurrency mining operations (…)

What the URBT Mining Operations changes for the Crypto Mining Industry

With China pulling out of the crypto mining industry, there is still a battle to control the fastest-growing mining sites in the sector.

Usually, you find companies across the globe fighting over a golden goose, which was miraculously given to them by the regime of Xi Jinping, for example, Canadian companies such as HIVE Blockchain and U.S. companies such as Marathon Digital.

Even though the URBT Mining Operation will bring some new competition, more companies will be changing the direction and starting to invest in Bitcoin. Investments such as the URBT Mining Operation can push the price of Bitcoin to new heights.

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