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The rumor started circulating in early September, but we are now able to confirm that Twitter will allow you to offer tips on Twitter using Bitcoin as part of its new Tips service. The service will work over the Lightning Network, using Strike infrastructure as a backbone.

Twitters Tips Service: Offer Tips on Twitter using Bitcoin

It was already known that Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s CEO and founder, wasn’t averse to seeing his company co-develop with Bitcoin, but this time things are getting more specific.

On September 23, Twitter’s head of product, Esther Crawford, announced the social network’s “Tipping,” a new option that allows subscribers to tip their favorite accounts. In addition to cash payments (via the Cash App, Patreon or Venmo, among others), donors will be able to offer tips using Bitcoins.

According to Mashable, the feature will first be rolled out on Apple iOS smartphones and will become available on Android smartphones in the coming weeks.

“Whether you want to tip your favorite account because you like their comments, send a greeting to an aspiring comedian for his hilarious tweets, help a small business owner in a time of need, donate to an important cause – whatever you want to support (…), Tips is here to help you do it.”
– Esther Crawford

Tips in Bitcoin will be sent via the Lightning Network (LN) and payment provider Strike. Donors can send tips from any wallet on the Lightning Network. Tips through LN and Strike will allow free and instant satoshi payments worldwide.

Bitcoin comes to Twitter via the Lighting Network

In addition, Esther Crawford mentioned Twitter’s interest in non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Twitter’s product manager explained that many owners of these unique tokens use their NFTs for their profile pictures, and that Twitter is looking for ways to “formalize that practice”.

“We look forward to exploring NFT authentication in the near future (…) It’s a way to support creators practicing this art with a brand that demonstrates [NFT] authenticity. By allowing people to connect their cryptocurrency wallets directly, they can then showcase their NFTs on Twitter. (…) We aim to make it visually clear that this is an authentic avatar (…)”
– Esther Crawford

Here it becomes clear that Jack Dorsey’s companies are exploring the possibilities of cryptocurrencies from all angles. Indeed, let’s not forget that in addition to Twitter, his other company, Square, is working on a hardware wallet for Bitcoin.

Who can receive Bitcoin Tips on Twitter?

Currently, Strike is available to people all over El Salvador as well as the U.S. (except for Hawaii and New York). There will be an option for people in the registered markets to receive Bitcoin tips over the Lightning Network, but first they need to open a Strike account and enter a username for their account in Strike. To send tips to someone’s Strike account, you will be able to use any Bitcoin Lightning Wallet you have.  

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