Bull Bitcoin takes over Veriphi

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Why Bull Bitcoin takes over Veriphi and what it means for the Bitcoin Community

There is not enough decentralization in Bitcoin – Bull Bitcoin takes over Veriphi to help to realize Satoshis vision.

Satoshi Nakamoto wrote the Bitcoin White Paper (BTC) in 2008 to introduce a decentralized payment network, independent from banks, that would enable users to exchange value without an intermediary. 

As part of its mission to uphold this vision, the Canadian company that operates the Bull Bitcoin platform brings in Bitcoin educators from Veriphi.

The Goal of Decentralization for Bull Bitcoin

As one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in Canada, Bull Bitcoin has been around since 2015 and is run by Satoshi Portal.

As reported in Bitcoin Magazine, Bull Bitcoin completed the acquisition of Veriphi, a company dedicated to Bitcoin storage.

Bull Bitcoin’s goal is to offer its users a better cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows them to trade cryptocurrency “no storage” where they have full ownership of their Bitcoins. 

This decentralized concept of Bitcoin ownership will be greatly facilitated through a partnership with Veriphi:

By combining Bull Bitcoin’s infrastructure with Veriphi’s expertise (…) we are establishing ourselves as the world’s best gateway for new Bitcoin enthusiasts to enter this world the right way (…) We expect our transaction volumes to grow significantly as a result, and the proportion of Canadian Bitcoiners owning their own private keys and managing their own full nodes will increase significantly.

It is a Good Time to Join the Cryptosphere for Newcomers

A new startup called Veriphi was founded in 2017 to make cryptocurrency more understandable and more accessible for people to hold. With over a decade of experience educating individuals and experts on cryptocurrencies, its team of proponents and authors has already produced numerous lessons and guides intended to help democratize the best practices associated with storing Bitcoins personally in terms of security and privacy.

A recent release from Bull Bitcoin CEO Francis Pouliot reports:

Our message to the Bitcoin community is clear: You can fully trust us to take care of your friends and family when introducing them to Bitcoin. You can entrust them to us, and we guarantee that we will turn anyone (even your grandmother) into a sovereign Bitcoin holder (…)

Bull Bitcoin offers many features that improve the Bitcoin network, including Lightning Network integration, Liquid Network, CoinJoin mixing, and batching of BTC transactions.

Both Bull Bitcoin and Veriphi share a common goal: they want to keep the Bitcoin network decentralized without compromising Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision, just as a good maximalist should. Keeping with the Cypherpunk principles behind Bitcoin, they want to offer users a way to exchange Bitcoins with less bank and state intervention.

Imagine a world in which billionaires and big financial institutions so thoroughly absorb Bitcoin that the rest of the world is left with only a few crumbs of satoshi. 

This may eventually happen, and you should prepare yourself and find out how to get Bitcoin. And it would be best if you did not wait until it is too late to find out how to trade Bitcoin for profit.

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