What is Ethereum?

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What is Ethereum, and what’s the difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum?

What is Ethereum, and why is it so popular? Let’s find out the difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum.

With the rise in popularity of cryptocurrencies, it’s important to know the difference between Ethereum and Bitcoin.

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The difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum lies in that while Bitcoin is an electronic payment system, Ethereum was created to operate as a decentralized virtual machine that can power Dapps. This project aims to create an environment where developers can build their own apps without any interference from any third party.

The Person who created Ethereum

In 2013, Russian-Canadian Vitalik Buterin introduced the Ethereum network project via a whitepaper. After the project was funded with 30,000 Bitcoins a year later, Buterin created the Ethereum blockchain platform.

Even at 19, Vitalik Buterin already dreams of transforming the financial markets and the Internet. In addition to Buterin, J. Gavin Wood, Charles Hoskinson, Anthony Di Lorio, and Mihai Alisie were all contributing programmers to this project. Even though he got a lot of help, Vitalik Buterin is still known as the Person who started Ethereum.

A cryptocurrency like this lets programmers create smart contracts on a decentralized blockchain platform. With Ethereum, you can create countless decentralized applications (Dapps) in areas like real estate, insurance, cloud computing, entertainment, and finance. ETH is the abbreviation for Ether, its own cryptocurrency.

How does Ethereum work?

Ethereum makes use of blockchain technology just like Bitcoin.

In the same way that a supercomputer functions, Ethereum is like a network of computers. Blockchain technology is the regulatory system for this project. This technology allows payments to be managed. This means that merchants must accept it as a payment method to purchase goods and services.

The ETH protocol also allows the creation of smart contracts. The feature here is that smart contracts are not censored or controlled by third parties. Its purpose is to automate transactions on the blockchain to streamline the process.

The Ethereum cryptocurrency is similar to other cryptocurrencies in that it is used for both trading and mining, and storing in a wallet. It can be purchased to run applications and sell on the financial market for a huge profit. This is highly dependent upon the cryptocurrency market’s movement for Ethereum.

Explanation of the Ethereum blockchain

Blockchain is a regularly updated public ledger that prevents fake transactions without needing a bank. Considered as a data storage technology, it is a non-falsifiable and public ledger.

Blockchain is the technology that tracks all transactions made in Ethereum. Miners validate exchanges through “Proof-of-Work” to solve possible algorithmic problems.

It should be possible for an Ethereum blockchain user to verify transactions in their wallet using blockchain technology. This is possible thanks to a peer-to-peer network. In fact, multiple computers record the current state of the blockchain and make it publicly available around the world.

All the nodes in the network work together and guarantee the security of the blockchain. Without trusting each other, they produce a consensus algorithm. In other words, the participating nodes work according to the rules of the consensus mechanism to keep the network in sync. In short, the blockchain is a database that ensures good traceability of the Ethereum platform.

Explanation of the Ethereum smart contract

Ethereum uses a blockchain similar to the one used by Bitcoin. Ethereum provides you with an overall view of all transactions, much like Bitcoin’s blockchain.

However, the main difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum is in smart contracts.

While it sounds complicated, the term “smart contracts” is actually simpler than you might think. Smart Contract is a computational engine that uses smart contracts technology to eliminate intermediaries and escrow services in the Ethereum blockchain.

Smart Contracts technology enables credible transactions without third-party involvement.

What is Ethereum Used for?

As you can see above, this ETH blockchain platform uses smart contracts for exchange, protection, decentralization, or coding.

Considered a cryptocurrency in use, Ethereum has managed to capture the attention of investors because of its benefits. There is no doubt about its usefulness. Let’s take a look at what this cryptocurrency platform is used for:

Creating and deploying decentralized applications

With Ethereum, the decentralization of services has become a reality. The platform gives investors the freedom to create decentralized applications. Thus, intermediate services disappear to the delight of the end-user. In any case, Dapps contain code that manages transactions on the Ether blockchain.

Creating decentralized autonomous organizations

One of Ethereum’s goals is to create DAOs. These are autonomous organizations with multiple leaders. They have software code that eliminates the need for staff on the blockchain. This code replaces the need for centralized control and structuring or organizational rules of a traditional blockchain.

Participation in ICOs (Initial Coin Offering)

Referring to the Ethereum platform’s ERC20 standard, other programmers have the ability to issue another version of this token. In addition, they can raise funds through an ICO (Initial Coin Offering). The platform gives the impression that token issuers are the owners of scarce digital assets.

Automatic execution of smart contracts

The truth is that the Ethereum platform is easy to use and guarantees fast transaction processing. It only takes a few clicks to buy or sell Ether. No human intervention is required as smart contracts are executed automatically.

Safe trading

Thanks to the smart contract, an Ethereum seller can ensure that he will receive his loot on the specified date. Each player must then review the smart contract code to make sure it is secure. The Ethereum platform offers a rich and varied range of possibilities with smart contracts.

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