Ethereum Price History

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The Ethereum Price History is very Interesting!

Even though the Ethereum Price History is pretty short, because Ethereum was created in 2015, it is very interesting indeed.

Ethereum has a price and value, just like all other virtual currencies.  This is a high-potential investment because the price of Ethereum fluctuates regularly in the cryptocurrency market.

You can trade at any time of the day, as there are no opening and closing hours.

The price of Ethereum seems to be rising these days as the network offers a wide range of investment opportunities. Therefore, it is no coincidence that international institutions and multinational firms are adopting it en masse. Financial institutions are also adopting it. This year, the value and price of Ethereum are stabilizing at around $3000.

The Short Ethereum Price History

Let’s take a look at the different phases in which the value and price of Ethereum have changed.

Ethereum price in 2014: Creation of the first tokens

At the beginning of the year, Vitalik Buterin puts up for pre-sale the first tokens that will be used to fund the development of his project. More than 30,000 ETH were raised, which amounts to about $18 million.

Ethereum Price 2015: Launching ETH

Vitalik Buterin, the creator of Ethereum, learned about cryptocurrencies in 2011, thanks to the famous Bitcoin. But it was only on July 30, 2015, when he launched the Ethereum blockchain platform.

Ethereum price in 2016: between development and piracy

While the price of Ethereum was less than $1 in 2015, since the beginning of 2016, it has begun to rise. It was trading at $6 in February and $15 a month later. After the hack and discovery of a flaw in the DAO code, the price was trading at just $7 at the end of April.

Ethereum price 2017: performance on trading platforms

This change occurred in February 2017 and led to a significant increase in trading volume. In a few months, the price of Ethereum rose from less than $100 to more than $400.

Ethereum price 2018: the dizzying rise in the value of ETH

In a few weeks, the price of Ethereum is experiencing an extraordinary rise to $1,389, its all-time high. The price will quickly dip below $300.

The price of ETH Eur 2020: Proof of the health care crisis

Undoubtedly, the recovery from the Coronavirus crisis will be scrutinized by potential investors. This will allow us to see how cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Bitcoin, or Ethereum are doing.

Who determines the price of Ethereum (ETH)?

There are about 111 million Ethereums in circulation today. Like other cryptocurrencies, Ethereum’s price is determined independently of institutions, unlike other assets such as gold or traditional currencies such as the yen (JPY), the euro (EUR), or the dollar.

The price of Ethereum has always been closely tied to the law of supply and demand. When demand exceeds supply, the price will tend to rise, and when supply exceeds demand, the price will tend to fall.

To better understand, here are some parameters that affect the price of this cryptocurrency and that inevitably change supply and demand:

Ethereum price change and the NVT ratio

This coefficient is the ratio between the value of a virtual currency and the development of its network. This ratio is the equivalent of the stock market price to earnings per share ratio. Network development detects fluctuations in the price of Ethereum.

The network effect and the price of Ethereum

Metcalfe’s law has popularized this effect. Schematically, it shows that the more users in the network, the more valuable it will be. A small number of investors who own a large share of a cryptocurrency risk affecting its price too much.

The hype surrounding the cryptocurrency and the price of Ethereum

This third factor in determining Ethereum’s price is nothing short of “hype.” Canadian researchers have shown that, paradoxically, the more a cryptocurrency is quoted on social media or in the media, the less favorable its price is.

This is due in part to the problems of bad hype that can sometimes arise with virtual currencies.

What factors will determine the price of Ethereum?

The value of this cryptocurrency can be affected by several different financial and societal factors, the main ones being:

Ethereum price and energy consumption

The cryptocurrency requires an astronomical amount of energy to secure the blockchain. It takes a certain amount of energy to mine Ethereum. Moreover, the more secure the blockchain, the more difficult it is to mine the currency, increasing its price.

The price of Ethereum and the utility of the cryptocurrency

The issue of value, like many other assets, is largely based on the notion of utility. If a cryptocurrency performs no functionality or solves no real problem, its price will likely remain very low.

Ethereum, the currency, was designed as a platform for smart contracts that will probably make life easier for millions of entrepreneurs. In terms of usefulness, ETH has a long way to go!

The price of Bitcoin and the price of Ethereum

Since Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency, its price has impacted other virtual currencies, especially when it comes to smaller projects. Ethereum cryptocurrency is very strong because it is the second largest, but it is still subject to Bitcoin fluctuations.

Ethereum pricing and taxation

Regulation is difficult to predict. Nevertheless, regulatory changes (especially concerning profits) in some countries are likely to affect the price of Ethereum. Ethereum is no exception to this rule.

Media and public perception and Ethereum price

This is also a factor to consider when raising or lowering the price of Ethereum. When cryptocurrency pundits are positive about a given cryptocurrency, it tends to increase in price. Conversely, the price tends to go down when the analyses are more pessimistic.

Ethereum price forecast for 2020

Forecasts cannot be 100% viable, whether for assets such as stocks, bonds, exchange rates, or even cryptocurrencies.

Looking ahead to 2022, market analysts agree that Ethereum is likely to be very volatile. All the more so amid the coronavirus crisis we are experiencing in real-time, which has added uncertainty to many areas of the economy.

Even before the crisis, FX Street’s analysis, which collected various scenarios from several experts, concluded that the valuation range was extremely wide, ranging from $85 to $360. There is no doubt that the scenarios envisioned will continue to be very disparate for the price of Ethereum in 2022.

Ethereum: is it too late to invest?

What is the future of Ethereum, and is it too late to invest?

According to many predictions, it is not too late to invest in Ethereum. In fact, it seems to be the best time to trade cryptocurrencies, especially Ethereum. Despite the cryptocurrency’s meteoric rise, the ETH blockchain will be the finance of the future for several reasons:

The continuous evolution of the network.

Unlike other virtual currencies, the Ethereum platform is constantly evolving its programs. The goal is to strengthen the technological power of the blockchain and the security of the enterprise. The system produces about 20 million ethers a year.

Ethereum’s upward Price Trend.

Investing in Ethereum is an investment that can still be very profitable. The price of this virtual currency has risen steadily over the years. Currently, its value is hovering around $3000.

The foundation of other crypto-assets

Ethereum blockchain is known as the real foundation for some cryptocurrencies. This is all made possible by smart contracts. Some of the cryptocurrencies from the ETH network include Maker, Augur, Brave, VeChain, or Civic…

Where to buy Ethereum?

We have an article on How to buy Ethereum to help you find the best trade platform. We recommend using the Binance Plattform to get started as a trader. Binance offers low commissions and a high-security standard.

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